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Human with a
VISION  to Inspire

Who is Aadil ?

Umm... Aadil is one human experience from several billion human souls, a soul which is thriving to inspire humans to aspire for better education. For this thriving, he has endeavoured organizations that are supporting his cause. Also, he crafts his days to get something done for democracy and education.

Policy Design  Writing 
Curriculum Design 

 Research  Story Telling

Mentoring    Edupreneur

Creative Ideation 

Message form Aadil

It's now exciting but there was a time it was awkward. And it is introducing myself. So, What do I  work for? I simply do everything which inspires the aspirations of my people. And I went through a journey of feeling awkward to confessing myself confidently. As you are here, reading this message, I want to tell you something. 

I have no goals to achieve, I have nothing to prove and I want to be a FAILURE. Yes, Failure because I know for sure what all things I am doing with this life are something I will never be able to accomplish in my finite life. However, every ounce of my craft will aid the people with aspirations to move the infinite evolution of humankind forward.

We can never know the future, we can only assume it based on our perception. Generally, people are fearful or excited about the future. As an optimistic, I am excited. As we have so many opportunities to make this world a better place to live. I am also excited to get in touch with people whom I can help or people who can help me explore the sea of opportunities to enhance my craft for my people.

Projects &

Here are projects and endeavors on which Aadil is spending his bandwidth of 24 hours everyday along with his personal development to inspire people to aspire for their lives.


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