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Articulation of thyself

Humans always seek to know themselves. If you ask someone who is having an amazing day, that fellow will tell you how amazing he is... And if the same person had an unpleasant day for sure his idea of self alters. Here we can get amazing texts with all fancy adjectives about Aadil from all sources which make you feel how wonderful he is... However, being utterly honest with you. He is everything one can think he is, with human nature. 

Aadil discovers himself with the days he lives. He feels life is not about those titanic achievements for which you are under the light of the world but instead it's a set of your days and actions which make the person who you are... 

Here are a few things which define the days of Aadil and that will lead you to understand who truly he is, with his life.

Amalgamating Ideas

Humans are blessed with the ability to think, thinking empowers ideas. And worthy ideas push human evolution forward. Aadil's life is an amalgamation of ideas that inspire humans to dream for themselves and humanity through education. He loves to connect with vibrant souls and their ideas to discover opportunities to grow together for an optimistic impact.

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Living Life Monk Size


To do something worthwhile in life is fantastic. Having some sort of purpose in life is marvelous. But it shall not come at cost of the joy of life. Aadil lives his life with values and learnings that emerge through thinking like a monk.

As a monk, it doesn't mean he owns nothing but it means that nothing owns him. The desire to have an impact on people of his craft has never been captain of his vision ship. He guides his way forward by whispering intuition through various sadhana, blissful meditations, vibrant lucid dreams, and thoughtful mindfulness.

Art as cooking and much more

Art is the way to express and also art tells a lot about an artist. Aadil cherishes cooking for the souls who are close to him with a lot more attention to detail and experimentation. This is also reflected in his working style where he also looks for nano details and experiments to enhance the taste of his days. Though he always got bad remarks from his school drawing teacher as he couldn't replicate the art in his drawing book but then he discovers to express his views through vivid meaningful colors as abstract art.


Envision the way of Life


To have a Life goal is the most perilous idea in life. Aadil realizes our life is finite on this earth however what we call life is infinite. As he thinks, We shall not live our life for a matter of a few decades Rather if we see our life as a part of a larger Infinite life then we can live beyond our physical life. 

"We will not behave, think, or believe in the same way that we used to 2-3 years before... however, our core values can't be altered easily, and if we have some deep purpose in our life then it may change his nature with time but it will never change fundamentally." this thought is the best articulation of how he envisioned his life

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