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Building Culture: Insights from Zomato's 'Mindful Ruthlessness' of Deepinder Goyal


Deepinder Goyal

My perception of Deepinder, the entrepreneur, was always tinged with admiration for his ruthless approach to business. However, diving into the pages of Zomato's Culture book changed my perspective of him as "Mindful Ruthlessness" offered me a fresh perspective—a glimpse into the mind of a "mindful ruthless" individual who thrives on the delicate balance between mindfulness and


The journey to reading this book was not a typical one; it was born out of an emotional crisis within our IDUME community, a struggle that transcended professional boundaries. For me, work and life are intertwined, inseparable threads in the life of an entrepreneur. To address the cultural challenges we faced, I realized that building a cohesive community required more than just a PowerPoint presentation with deadlines. It demanded a projection of shared values, open communication, and collective action—a culture to be nurtured and embraced by all.

Deepinder, drawing from a decade of experience, meticulously crafted a manual that transcended into the pages of this book. It gave me a solid foundation to shape my community's culture, brimming with insightful ideas waiting to be implemented.

Here are a few key takeaways that resonated deeply with me:

  1. Think 'AND', not 'OR': Embracing the idea that important matters can coexist, rather than being forced to choose between them, is pivotal in navigating complex decisions.

  2. The Riskiest thing is to take no risk: Fear of stepping into uncharted territories often stifles growth. Embracing risk is essential for progress and innovation.

  3. This place will make you Uncomfortable: Growth thrives in discomfort. Stepping out of our comfort zones is necessary for personal and organizational development.

  4. If you want feedback, ask for it.: The importance of seeking feedback to improve oneself continuously cannot be overstated. Likewise, providing constructive feedback fosters a culture of growth and development.

Along with that, there were a few ideas that articulate care for employees which I further implemented by adding more values. One such example would be 'Periods leave', I advance the idea that members of my organization may need casual leave when they feel low in energy. I thought furthermore came up with the idea of 'Well-Being leave'.

In conclusion, "Mindful Ruthlessness" is more than just an employee manual; it's a foundational document that encapsulates the essence of organizational culture. It's a testament to Deepinder's wisdom and experience, offering a roadmap to cultivate a thriving workplace environment where mindfulness and ambition coexist harmoniously.

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Zomato and Deepi is love

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