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75 Visions on 75 years of Indian Independence.

As India embarks on its 76th year of Independence and what we have today is a legacy of 75 years of Independence. This sovereignty has incredible opportunities for us to move forward in the future. We will move forward as the people of India envision their lives in devotion to this nation. There are many visionaries who belong to this land of seven rivers. However, we at Idume decided to share 75 visions of people for 75 years of Independence. These '75 visions' are vibrant from all works of life which we choose with an unbiased process.

We at Idume took the challenge to complete this project in minimum time. With our six senior contributors and thirteen learners who assist the team with research. We take the honor of our team to make it happen in less than 50 hours. This insightful piece of Content is more than 15000 words long and it takes around an hour to read this that's all made possible with tireless work by our team. We have given credit to all team at the end of this content.


#1 Aatish Kapadia and Jamnadas Majethia - Content Creators for our family.

In this busy world, every human on this planet needs some break from work and wanted to spend their time with their family. And if we talk about the Indians, most of them spend their time with their family with the help of entertainment and that is why the entertainment industry must make valuable content for Indian families. And the entertainment industry is on the right path with the help of people like Aatish Kapadia and Jamnadas Majethia Verma.

Aatish Kapadia & Jamnadas Majethia Verma are incredible show makers. They have made a show named ‘Wagle ki Duniya’, a show that shares a lot of moral values and practical solutions to solve day-to-day issues in our families. Along with that, they both have come up with the show ‘Pushpa Impossible’ which illustrates the life of the single mother who goes to school with her daughter and also deals with all the struggles she has to face as a single lower middle-class mother. With such creators, we can see our entertainment industry is moving in the right direction instead of our dramatic daily soaps.

#2 Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha & Niyati Mavinakurve - Content Creator for Youth.

Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha & Niyati Mavinakurve are popularly known as Abhi & Niyu because of their Youtube journey. As YouTubers, they both are couples who believe in the power of the youth of India and therefore they are taking the opportunity to educate the youth and spread unbiased information. They both are seekers who wanted to do something worthwhile. At times they have mentioned their journey in which they are really open about their self-doubts and challenges. They both started with the series ‘100 reasons to love India’ and they both discovered a lot of wisdom which leads them to publish videos about news and positive things to inspire Indian youth. Abhi has completed graduation from SYJ College and Niyu has completed graduation from NM college and they both like to travel, However, they both are not the same in all aspects of life. With their humble beginning, they both complete each other. Their journey on youtube started in 2017 and they received many accolades since then but it’s about their impact on youth. As long as we have creators like them, we can feel optimistic about our future.

#3 Abhijit Chavda - Modern Historian

In the times where we doubt our history, In the times where our textbooks fail to teach our kids correct history. And as History is a subjective topic but however it is written by people biased. Also, this is the time when we find people like Abhijit Chavda. He is a polymath, however, his interest in history is more than any of his subjects. He has researched a lot about Indian history. His main research is about Genghis Khan, a Mongol Conquerer, who stood at the western bank of the Indus river with 50,000 having just defeated Jalal-ad-Din. Through his research, he presented the facts for the history seekers which we don't get in any textbooks. He presented his research only based on facts that are unbiased politically, unbiased with nationality, and a multi-perspective outlook to understand our History. With the content he has, he inspires the Indians who are real seekers of Indian history as well as world perspective on the entire modern history of our times.

#4 Acharya Chandana - Spiritual leader & Social activist

Padmashri Acharya Chandanaji was the first Jain woman to receive the title of Acharya in 1987. She is also known as "Taj Maharaj" for her humanitarian work started in 1972 in the poverty-stricken area of Bihar. To promote the concept of ' Seva ' among the Jain community, she started 'Veerayatan' - a non-profit, non - governmental organization that now functions in more than ten countries. An international charitable organization that seeks to create social transformation among impoverished people through spiritual development, quality education, and service to others without discriminating against caste, greed, race, or gender. She made a twelve-year vow of silence to study Jain scriptures. Acharya Chandanaji got the Padma Shri award for social impact.

Veerayatan, derived from the words 'Veer' means lord Mahavir and ' Aayatan ' means a holy place, It is a world-renowned NGO established in 1973. The organization was founded on the occasion of Lord Mahavira's 2500th 'Nirvana Mahotsava'.Three core focus areas of the organization are "Seva" ('service to humanity), "Shiksha" ('education'), and "sadhana" ('self-development). Veerayatan is the only Jain organization to promote the concept of "Seva". It has centers in Bihar, Kutch, Maharashtra, and other places in India and USA, the UK, UAE, East Africa, and Singapore.

Veerayatan operates hospitals, schools, colleges, and vocational training programs for the underprivileged throughout India. Veerayatan runs an eye hospital at Rajgir; a charitable school at Lachuar; and a BEd college at Pawapuri.

In this world, where everyone is being selfish, Aacharya Chandanaji helps humans without barriers of Religion, Caste, Gender, etc selflessly. She is an eminent example of our rich tradition of serving our society with celibacy.

#5 Adar Poonawalla - Biotech Entrepreneur

When the country is in trouble it is the responsibility of the citizen to make every effort to do whatever they can do for the country, and Adar Poonawalla is one of the best examples of that. He continued the legacy of his father Cyrus Poonawala to serve and lead the vaccine industry for our nation and world.

Adar Poonawalla is the CEO of one of the world's leading manufacturing companies SII(Serum Institute of India), he is also a philanthropist that reflects so much on the culture of SII. During the time of the covid pandemic when the world was suffering, SII made one of the most effective vaccines named Covishield against all the odds. When they were suffering to make the vaccine because of finance they were also ready to share their private equity. They have provided vaccines at the most effective prices, which is less than a package of a water bottle.

India has a son like him who stands for his motherland leaving billion-dollar profits aside and just focusing on serving vulnerable people in the pandemic.

#6 Aditi Gupta - Author and founder of Menstrupedia

Is talking about period normal in our nation? Do our kids have proper education about periods? The obvious answer would be NO. And that’s the reason you must know the story of Aditi Gupta who was born in the small town of Jharkhand named Garhwa, where Periods were taboo and she had no clue about them when she first started menstruating at the age of 12. She believed some of the myths like not drinking water, not touching pickles, or not entering the place of worship. But only when she was pursuing her degree from the National Institute of Design did she meet her partner, Tuhin Paul, with whom she felt comfortable talking about periods and realized that even being that educated they didn't know many things about menstruation. They were astonished to know that still these chapters are being skipped in school by teachers and that's when they came up with the idea of a comic book to make it interesting. They even made it user-friendly for pre-teens and teenagers and also broke the taboo and norms associated with that. ‘Gullu’ and ‘Menstrupedia’ are the magazines that every girl and guy must read to get themselves educated and adults must gift this wonderful piece of content to their kids when they experience puberty. As a nation, we must feel proud of Aditi and people like her who are breaking such taboos.

#7 Akshay Kumar - Field worker & Author

Shri Akshay is an outstanding example of a personality by which we can develop our nation. He didn't belong from prominent family background, however, through his humble beginnings. He has devoted his whole life to developing education for vulnerable segments of people. He is an advocate of Socialism and as a field worker, he has experienced the lives of students empathetically. He is also a prolific Hindi author of multiple books. 'Shiksha: Vyvasthith Vyavastha ka shikar, 'Shiksha ki mukti', 'Shiksha ka Samajikaran', 'Loktantra ka Janvadikaran' and 'Jansakti ki Rihai' are the few examples. He has a delicate understanding of various Democracy, Socialism, Education, and Society. Akshay Kumar has done notable work for the vulnerable communities in Bihar. We hope, that if we have someone like him in every community then we will see true equality in our democratic republic.

#8 Padma Shri Ali Manifkan - Marine Researcher, Ecologist, & Polyglot

If we wonder about wisdom held by the person who lives in the remotest part of India then for sure look up to the life of Ali Manikfan who was born on the 16th of March 1938 on Minicoy Island (Lakshadweep Island). He is an Indian Ecologist and Marine biologist. He is a Padma Shri award winner in 2021. Ali Manikfan gives a great contribution to India in various fields. He discovered a new type of fish while working as a Marine biologist and named it “Abudefduf manikin”

He generated electricity in a village of Tamilnadu from his own made windmills, on the other hand, he is a Muslim scholar who created his Islamic lunar calendar which is also known as the “Hijri calendar”. He knows more than 10 languages including Sanskrit, Hindi, English, Urdu, Persian, Tamil, French, Latin, American, and many more. Besides, he has tremendous knowledge of shipbuilding. He built a sailing vessel for an adventurer named Tim Severin. With all the research he had alone, He also tests various non-aggressive farming methods on the land he bought of 15 acres in a small village of Valliyur. let’s wonder about the research and progress we can make as a nation. He sets an incredible example to work optimally with minimum resources. We as a nation are developing and with talent like Ali Manifkhan what amazing things we can discover and innovate for our sustainable planet.

#9 Padma Bhusan Anand Mahindra - Corporate Leader

Anand Mahindra is one of those rarest cooperative leaders who just didn’t build a magnificent company but also works tirelessly to contribute to nation-building. Generally, when some people try to tease us we tend to take revenge back by words, but very few are there who take revenge with the success, as Mr.Anand Mahindra. This is reflected in his tweets as well. Well, on Twitter he appreciates the talent of youth by various actionable means. Also, he has a clear vision with Mahindra group to lead the company toward sustainable development.

As a chairman of the Mahindra group. Anand Mahindra Prolific Businessman who expands his business in many countries and made the group one of the leading Multi-National companies in our nation. He also believes in Philanthropy where he took so many initiatives to make India a better place to live for the people where they get better education and healthcare. Anand Mahindra never misses the opportunity for the company's growth and to make India better, and he makes a lot of effort to educate the women. He also dedicates Mahindra Army to the Government’s program ‘Self for Society. With all he has done, we as a nation are proud of such a visionary cooperative leader who was decorated with the third highest civilian award ‘Padma Bhushan.

#10 Atishi Marlena - Politician and Educationist

We all are aware of the transformation of government schools in Delhi. That was new to India where people were preferring government schools over Private Schools. There was a Prolific team of the Government of Delhi responsible for such transformation. Atishi plays a vital role in that team. She is the 37-year-old advisor of Delhi Education Minister, Manish Sisodia. She brought some great changes to Delhi government schools.

She started a campaign called 'Mission Buniyaad' in which they work towards students in class 3rd to 9th who can not read or solve basic maths. This led to an increase in passing percentage and a decrease in the gap between government schools and private schools from 13.02% in 2005 to 2.11% in 2018. She even increased the budget to 24% in 2017-18 for better infrastructure. The new course was included in the class nursery to 8th named 'Happiness' to increase happiness equality with the help of a team of experts, organizations, and individuals. TDC (Top Dead Centre) was introduced for teachers as a peer learning platform. And the best thing is private schools were forced to refund all the extra fees they charged. With such visionary and efficient government personnel, we can tell change ‘Namasthe’ with an optimum smile on our faces.

#11 Atul Satija - Social Entrepreneur

Looking for profit making organization is not a difficult task. However, impact-making not-for-profit organization is hard to find. In our society it says, ‘Who works without profit?’ and there are many who work for Not-For-Profit. And who works as effectively as Atul Satija?

Atul Satija is the founder of giving India and The/Nudge institute. He founded The/Nudge institute in 2015 and it is an action institute working towards a poverty-free India, within our lifetime. They partnered with government, markets, and civil society to build resilient livelihoods for all. They believe that India is a country that is rich in so many resources and there is no reason for 300 million citizens to continue to live below the poverty line. They dream optimistically of seeing a poverty-free India within our lifetimes. Over the last 20 years, they have enabled giving through marathons, galas, giving pledges, payroll giving, crowdfunding, a philanthropy consulting, CSR grant management, collective giving, disaster response, etc.

His perspective on poverty is "Poverty is the elephant in the room.” As we have visionary leaders in the not-for-profit industry we are sure that we will address every issue faced by our community.

#12 Capt. Raghu Raman - Leadership advisor, Coach, and Author.

Capt. Raghu Raman is boldly excited to try new things. Because he had experience in three sectors. One decade in the army, over one decade in corporate, and 5 years in government. People always ask him which was the easiest for him among the three sectors, to which he humorously replies that the army was the easiest one for him because he always knows which side the enemy lies on. And that’s the straightforward and witty personality of Captain.

He was in the 19th battalion of the Jat regiment and he was awarded India's highest peacetime military decoration, Ashok Chakra. He was commissioned to the 19 battalions of the Jat Regiment as a lieutenant on 11 December 1999. He was promoted to captain on 11 December 2003 and major on 11 December 2005. In his short military career, he served in various appointments and was highly appreciated by his seniors for his leadership and dedication qualities. He was also awarded the Chief of Army Staff commendation medal for his contribution to Operation Parakram in the Drass sector.

On 2 October 2007, he led an operation against terrorists in the Baramulla sector of Jammu and Kashmir. He heard the shouts of a fellow officer during the fire exchange and crawled towards him and two others amid the intense fire. Thereafter he killed two terrorists but sustained gunshot wounds in the process. He continued to lead his team forward until he fell unconscious. He was later airlifted to the Srinagar base hospital. After that, his experience in the army made an impact in the operative sector, and then after 26/11 he was called on to form NATGRID by the government and he did that magnificently and now he is illustrating the lessons he learned from the army to cooperative world. He also authors the book ‘ Everyman’s war’.

Captain Raghu is a great example of an army officer who maybe gets retired from the army but they are never tired of serving the nation with the impact of their experience.

# 13 Captain Zoya Agarwal - Aviator

Every one of us wants to fly and many kids have dreamt to fly a plane and such dreams are empowered by Captain Zoya Agarwal. And you shall know her story.

A girl of 8 years old who had feelings with terrace and who used to look up at the huge blue sky. Looking the sky for hours to look for jumbo jets in the sky which used to take off from Indira Gandhi airport. She wonders about every one of those beautiful flying objects. But the girl who was sitting in Boeing 777-300ER whose elders teaches and always told her to be in the shadow of elders and to be under a man. But a girl, flying over the north pole which was quite challenging but she became the first Indian female pilot of air India to achieve this height. A journey that saved over 10 tons of fuel and a distance of 16,000 km was covered. A truly historical moment. There was much enthusiasm among people. And that daughter of India ZOYA AGARWAL, made that happen.

"Parents who think that their daughters want to do something different, please let them do it. Because until they don't fly on their own wings, their actual potential will not come out. And when you see that potential, You will also feel proud like my parents did" said Zoya. Life of Zoya is the role model for every kid of our nation who dreams to touch the sky and also for every girl who is been told that she shall be under the shade of her husband. Thus, we are creating a role model like her for aspirational tomorrow.

#14 Chetna Sinha - Rural Social Activist

What can a girl do who was born in a poor village in India? If you wonder about that then you must know about Chetna Gala Sinha who is an Indian social activist working to empower women in drought-prone areas of rural India by teaching entrepreneurial skills, access to land, and means of production. She was born in Mumbai and married to a farmer, they lived in a poor village and their whole surroundings including their family & friends were illiterate. This idea was initiated when a woman in her neighborhood discussed money that she wanted to save by opening savings accounts in the bank so that she can afford a plastic cover until the monsoon arrives, but they were restricted because of their illiteracy. She and other women took up an initiative to literate themselves and she set up the Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Bank – India's first bank for, and by rural women. For her great work, she was awarded a Nari Shakti Puraskar, the first Godfrey Phillips Bravery Amodini Award, Rani Lakshmibai Puraskar, Jankidevi Bajaj Puraskar for rural empowerment, and many such awards. Also, she spoke about her journey on platforms like TEDxGateway, Davos Switzerland at World Economic Forum, and many such Platforms. Her life inspires every one of us and especially in rural India to have a great impact on our communities and nation.

#15 Padma Shri Chintala Venkat Reddy - Organic Farmer

We know the importance of more sustainable organic farming for our soil and our health. Among many such farmers, Chintala Venkat Reddy is an organic farmer known for his soil and nutrient management techniques in farming. He is the first independent farmer in India to receive an international patent for his technique in soil swapping and soil fertility. He does not use chemical fertilizers, insecticides, or fungicides in farming techniques. He was awarded a Padma Shri award in 2020 for his soil techniques. In 1979-80 he entered Grape farming. While digging a well on the field, the soil filled with water, flowed all through their group field. Unusually, the harvest doubled. He realized that soiled water carried natural nutrients to the field. He achieved a world record yield of 105 tons hector in "Anab-e Shahi" seeded grapes and 84 tons hectare in "Thompson" seedless grapes. His efforts were appreciated by the governor of Andhra Pradesh in 1990. Noble Laureate, Dr.Norman E.Borlaung(1996)and Dr.S.Paroda DG, Indian council of agricultural research (1997)by visiting Shri Reddy's farm. ICAR has brought a publication titled "Innovation of a farmer in Improved management of grapes "KVK series -4 in May 1998. In 2002, Shri Reddy started the use a novel technique of using soil as fertilizer and achieved successive record yields in grape, rice, and wheat with high nutritive values as recorded by central. Research institute for dryland agriculture Icar and agriculture University in Hyderabad. He had the special honor of meeting and receiving an appreciation about the invention by the President of USA, Mr. George W. Bush on 2006 on his visit to Hyderabad. His life inspires the farmers to think creatively and how organic farming can be beneficial for crops, soil, and our health.

# 16 Deepak Ramola - Founder of fuel project and Author

We live our lives but what's our life lesson? Deepak got fueled with the idea of asking about life lessons everyone and collecting them. That may sound crazy but Deepak wants to collect life lessons from everyone on this orb. How much wisdom that is...

From childhood, he always used to ask people about their life lessons or the greatest advice they could give him. He didn't even spare the guests or even the customer care. He thought that there are 7 billion people on this planet which means there are 7 billion lessons to learn, and 7 billion mistakes to learn from. Later his urge to pass on the life lessons to people around him helped him start an organization called Project Fuel which stands for forwarding the understanding of every life lesson, in which he tries to collect lessons from all around the world and convert them into interactive and performance-based activities to help learn from them and not just read those. He uses his poetry skills, creative writing, performance art, and other tools to pass on that story interestingly. Truly, Deepak is building a pearl of wisdom that can be shared as a human legacy to our future generation.

#17 Devdutt Patnaik - Mythologist/Author/Speaker/Illustrator

Mythology is complex but Devdutt makes that simple and interesting. Being an author is fancy as well as difficult but he wrote more than 50 books and 1000 columns with bestsellers such as My Gita, Jaya, Sita, Shyam, Business Sutra, and the 7 Secret Series. He was Trained in medicine, he worked for 15 years in the healthcare and pharma industries before he turned his focus completely on his true passion. Devdutt Pattanaik writes on the relevance of mythology in modern times, especially in areas of management, governance, and leadership. On Radio Mirchi, he hosted 'The Devdutt Pattanaik Show'. He has also been a part of several podcasts. He consults organizations on culture, diversity, and leadership and also consults various television channels and filmmakers on storytelling.

Wisdom of Devdutt Patnaik will inspire our youth to understand our mythology in a very simple way and they can also receive lessons from those stories. Which can be used in various areas of their life.

#18 Dia Mirza - Model and Climate activist

One will think of the lavish lifestyle of a model and Bollywood actor but Dia Mirza is been a magnificent actor and she has a simple and sustainable way of life as she chooses to devote her life to many such humanitarian causes. To put it in a simple way, Dia Mirza is an Indian model and a Social Activist. She is a down-to-earth person and a UN Secretary General’s advocate for SDGs. She works for an NGO named 'Save the children and 'Wildlife trust of India' and also as a Goodwill Ambassador UNEP. Mirza is a committed voice for change and has contributed her efforts in the field of social change, conservation, and the environment. She has been the face of many pivotal environmental campaigns across India. She spreads the messages on climate change, clean seas, and air and wildlife protection by working with the united nations. She makes India proud by being a pure soul humanitarian who works for the taboos in society and has stood with good causes and involved herself in health-related charities too and also takes her surroundings as her obligations. Such thoughtfulness of Dia inspires every one of us to live sustainably and support the humanitarian cause.

#19 Padma Vibhushan Dr. Belle Monappa Hedge - Cardiologist and Author

When we visit doctors nowadays, it just feels like to have a long list of medical reports, and here we have Belle Monapa Hegde - Doctor, Author, and Professor of Medicine. Who has a very straightforward way to cure disease not just taking drugs but curing it from the root cause

B.M. Hegde was born on 18th of August 1938 at Udupi.Carrying our history, this man has a powerful mindset of using "Ayurveda" instead of Allopathic medicines. Serving a powerful contribution, B.M. Hegde introduces an effective way of using Ayurveda over Western medicines which includes Quantum healing which is based on pseudoscience, an effective way to prevent Adverse Drug reactions. Because of his undefeatable work, he is awarded the Rajyotsava award in 1997, Dr. BC Roy award in 1999, Padma Bhushan in 2010, and, Padma Vibhushan in 2021. Hegde has also written articles and given talks in support of Homeopathy, regarded globally as a pseudoscience. Hegde argues that even if one thinks incorrectly that Homeopathy is a placebo, it is still important, as most modern medicine is worse than a placebo. He concludes that taking Painkillers frequently can shorten our life expectancy and can increase the number of heart attacks every 5 years. Thus he powerfully proves that our ancient Ayurveda is far way better than harmful western medicines and aware the people about it. By doing this, he encourages the use of Ayurveda which is the original treatment of India. B.M Hedge was concerned second highest civilian award by the government of India Padma Vibhusan.

#20 Dr. Binish Desai – An Innovator and Social Entrepreneur

What you would do if chewing gum sticks to you in your class? Simply you will remove and through waste away. However, Dr. Binish Desai, who is popularly known as the ‘Recycle Man of India’ did something unique. He got an idea and made brick out of it. Which is price effective and sustainable too...

He is an inspiration for innovators of India and also of the world. Binish Desai holds a master's degree in environmental engineering and a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Technology. He is 27 years old environmentalist who has come up with a solution to reuse biomedical wastes into eco-friendly bricks. This idea came to him when he was 11 years old when he wrapped chewing gum in paper and after a couple of days, he found it hardened but it was the idea of Binish’s brick 2. O is the advanced version of brick 1.0. Brick 2.0 now contains waste paper, binders, used PPE kits, and waste masks which are 52% of the brick. This idea can just incredibly change India’s waste management capability.

This work for the nation inspires youth to think creatively in everything which we experience in our day-to-day life and carry forward that with research and development.

#21 Devi Shetty - Cardiac Surgeon

Heart disease is one of the most common diseases in the world now. And our land has Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, MS, FRCS, who was born on 8 May 1953. He is an Indian Entrepreneur and Cardiac Surgeon, chairman & founder of Narayana Health, He has performed more than 16,000 heart operations. Shetty was born in Kinnigoli a village in the Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka, India. He was educated at St. Aloysius School, Mangaluru. He completed his MBBS in 1979 and post-graduate in General Surgery from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore. Later he completed FRCS from the Royal College of Surgeons, England. Shetty aims for his hospitals to use, to allow them to complete heart surgeries at a lower cost than in the United State. In 2001, Shetty founded Narayana Hrudayalaya (NH), a multi-specialty hospital in Bommasandra on the outskirts of Bangalore. He believes that the cost of healthcare can be reduced by 50 percent in the next 5–10 years. Shetty was honored with about 14 awards and followed his code of conduct as a doctor honestly. Dr. Shetty is also involved in the long-term vision of Indian Health care. And that will make India become an elixir to the world.

#22 Dr. Shruti Kapoor - Economist and Social Entrepreneur

Stories of Sexual abuse are mostly hidden from everyone. It takes courage to speak up and Shruti Kapoor firstly mustered up the courage to share her story that she kept secret for nearly 30 years even from her parents, when she was sexually abused by her cousin. As she realized the number of children being sexually abused every day in our country, she felt that she should take initiative to educate and empower young women and girls against all forms of violence to help them. So she started this initiative named Safety in 2013 to help and empower young women and girls against all forms of violence.

Indian Ministry of Women and Child Development facilitated her as one of the 30 #WebWonderWomen for driving positive agenda through social media. Safety was also awarded the People’s Choice Award by Femvertising in 2015. This act of kindness has been done by her for the world’s sexually abused children which might change the mindset of somebody who does this violence. And also this helps the children to stay safe from this kind of mental pressure.

#23 Dr. Rajat Malhotra – International Global Coordinator of CPS

Many see India as Divided by religion however it is united with peace and spirituality. Dr. Rajat Malhotra is a vital personality in the Centre for Peace and Spirituality. Center for peace and spirituality[CPS] organization was endeavored by Padma Vibusan Maluna Wahhiduddin khan. Dr. Rajat Malhotra joined CPS in 2001 as a member. As of 2022, he has become the International Global Coordinator of CPS. He is a Ph.D. degree holder in Islamic studies. He is the founder of Indian channels such as ETV Urdu and Zee Salam. We are well known for spreading the positive messages of Islam and peace. He has represented CPS as the International founder at the 26/11 Anniversary Attack Program in Mumbai Trident Oberoi.

Dr. Rajat is a prime symbol of religious peace and unity that the world shall witness in our nation.

#24 Dr. Shashi Tharoor - Politician, Author and Former Diplomat

We all have heard of United Nations, however, it is surprising to see how one can reach to service of people after a decades-long career in the united nations. Such a Prolific author, politician, and former international civil servant, Dr. Shashi Tharoor straddles several worlds of experience. During his nearly three-decade-long prior career at the United Nations, he served as a peacekeeper, refugee worker, and administrator at the highest levels, serving as Under-Secretary General during Kofi Annan's leadership of United Nations.

He began writing at the age of 6, and his first published story appeared in the Sunday edition of The Free Press Journal, in Mumbai at age 10. He wrote multiple books and most of them are related to India. In one of his writings, he said “India is already 51% under the age of 25. This is your country. You are the majority. But do you get a role in what is done to rule the country?". That's the perspective of Dr. Tharoor toward the youth as an asset to our nation. He tends to give many impactful, actionable, and visionary lectures nationally as well as internationally. Along with that, he is an amazing parliamentarian. He has been serving as a member of parliament for Thiruvantpuram, Kerala since 2009. one of his famous taglines is 'India matters to me and I would like to matter to India'. Such a persona as Dr. Tharoor has a greater positive impact on India's soft power in the world.

#25 Dr. Vikas Khanna - Chef and Author

Chef Vikas Khanna is a pot filled with infinite space in it and it is overflowing with eternal hope. He was born with a condition that his both legs were facing towards the inner side, because of that, he was not much confident going in front of everyone. Because of that he stayed with his mother and grandmother and watched them do cooking all day, that's when he discovered his love for cooking.

He even had a catering business in his teenage years, but he didn't have the money to buy utensils, so he took an order from a school of weaving 580 sweaters to meet the expenses of utensils. This shows his love and passion for cooking. Later he had gone to WGSHA (a hotel management school in Manipal, Karnataka) to get admission but he didn't get it because of his English speaking. He was feeling a bit low when the principal of WGSHA saw him and asked him why was he feeling low then Chef told him "I have a dream of opening my own AC restaurant" and then the principal gave him admission admiring his passion for cooking. Then after he was sent to New York City, it was a very hard time for Chef there but never gave up nor lost hope which eventually helped him pursue what he wanted to. And opened two restaurants in Dubai named Kinara and Ellora. He has even worked with the world's top Chefs, like Gordon Ramsey, Bobby Flay, and Eric Ripert.

His love for India is apart from measuring. During the pandemic, he feeds through his "Feed India Campaign" which proves him a great philanthropist. He is a Diamond shining everywhere in the world. He may stay far from this land but he carries the love for the soil, people, and Indian cuisine in his heart.

#26 Gangadhar Patil - Journalist & Entrepreneur

In the midst of biased journalism and fake local news. Gangadhar Patil is a journalist-turned-entrepreneur. As he realizes what mainstream media was missing and after getting enough experience in his field he quits his stable job with a top national daily to start a new platform named '101 Reporters', which would give mainstream exposure to rural reports. His idea is to bring journalists from across the country on a common platform and share the stories that matter. In the past few years, his new start-up has put the spotlight on hundreds of rural stories that inform, entertain and shock us.

He and his start-up has been helping hundreds of local reporters in sharing important untold stories to every household and also earn a little more than they did. As storytellers are going to lead a world, certainly Gangadhar Patil is making many such storytellers and we can read those to enlighten us about what's happening around us.

#327 Gauranga Das Prabhu - Author, Monk, and Spiritual Leader

Gaurangdas Prabhu is one blessed soul that carries tons of knowledge with him and still is patient. It is hard for people to be patient when they are carrying this much knowledge. He always wondered about one thing, death. It is kind of interesting to know about death. I have read a piece from Gujarati literature and its title was " Karma No Sidhhant" which is " Karma's Principle " which means on what bases Karma functions and the factors which affect the afterlife of a soul. So Gaurangdas Prabhu always thought about "what is the sole purpose of life" and according to him, it is to ask the right questions and get the right answers.

In this world, every profession is solving a problem. Like doctors are solving problems of health, engineers are solving problems of technology, etc. But what do the spiritualists solve? According to Bhagavad Gita the spiritualists, in the temples are having a common goal which is to solve the problem of death! The studies that do teach us how to solve the problems till death but what after death? He conducted many Bhagavad Gita seminars in all prominent engineering, medical, and management colleges. Gauranga Das also did many social works to uplift minor sections of society all over India.

#28 Padma Bhusan Ghulam Nabi Azad - Former Politician and Public Servant

There are very few politicians who get respect pubically from every political party. One of those political leaders is Gulam Nabi Azad. He was born in a village named Soti of Gandoh tehsil in the formerly princely state of Jammu and Kashmir's Doda district. He is so close with the people and soil of Jammu and served as the seventh chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. In the Union government, he served as Health and family welfare minister. He was also a member and Leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha. Earlier he was also a member of Lok-sabha too in 1980-89. Being in many political positions he always works tirelessly and thoughtfully for the people. This was also reflected in his farewell by hon'ble prime minister where he shared about the thoughtfulness of Gulam Nabi Azad for the people of Gujarat.

As long as we as a nation have a political leader like Gulam Nabi Azad. who works tirelessly for the people we will not lose faith in our politicians.

#29 Hans Dalal - Animal Conservationist

What will you feel when someone comes into your home suddenly, it's obvious that you will attack, in the same manner, what if the human goes into the tiger's home, as they will feel unsafe and will protect themself, This perspective towards animal made Hans Dalal protect animals and their rights to awareness. Hans Dalal is from Madhya Pradesh, he was born with Cerebral Palsy, a type of disorder. Hans has been working on the conservation of tigers for years. He was not able to walk on his own till he was 6 years old. He is a sound engineer also. In 2007 when Dalal visited Kanha jungles with his uncle, he spotted his first tiger for only 5 seconds, and then, his life was completely changed. He is a nature and wildlife lover since he was very young.

After that, when he was going back to Bombay he couldn't concentrate on his work as he constantly kept thinking about tiger wildlife. After all, finally, he decided to quit his well-established career and shut down his studio. Then he began to research all about tigers. He attended a Tiger Watch workshop in Ranthambore, which once was the hunting ground of the Maharaja of Jaipur.

In 2013, along with his wife Avantika Chandra, he started an NGO-PROWL. An NGO that works to save the precious tigers of India.

He also made a 30-minute heart-warming documentary.

Hans Dalal inspires the persons who are interested in wildlife but aren't supported well.

He gives a positive perspective to youth that 'listen to your heart and let your guts instincts make your decision for you'.

#30 Harmanpreet Kaur and Smriti Mandhana - Women Cricketers

Harmanpreet Kaur is someone who brings a great impact on Indian women's cricket and is an inspiration to many. Harman's career graph is one that inspires many athletes. She is an all-rounder who has not only been the first woman to score a century in a T20 match but also has been the holder of the Arjuna Award. Kaur has been a path breaker of sorts in women's cricket in India as she became the first Indian player to sign a Big Bash contract. Turning up for Sydney Thunders, her rich exploits earned her 'Sydney Thunder's Women's player of the year award.

Smriti Mandhana is one of the youngest players on the team. With a dream to play for India Smriti had increased her passion for cricket from her childhood, This intense dedication reaped its rewards. She is the only cricketer to win the ICC Women's Cricketer of the year award twice, She also got the Arjuna Award for Cricket. Smriti Mandana's journey is a testament to the fact that a Vision is all you need to get to where you want to be.

Harman Preet and Smriti both players grew with a legendary player like Mithali Raj, India's most successful player. These emerging faces of the Indian Women's Cricket team, encapsulate the spirit of Women empowerment as they take a stance on the pitch to face the next challenge.

#31 Harsh Poddar, IPS - Public Servant

If we think now of police or police station then we might feel that they are just for criminals and the police's job is after crimes happen in our society. However, Harsh Poddar is an IPS officer who is changing our perspective of the police. He is not only fighting against the crime and terror on the streets but also through the mind. In his boyhood, he was one of those children who had fear of seeing the police, and he thought there is something wrong with our community, education, lack of awareness, etc. He found Maharashtra’s youth was moving in a violent direction, which leads him to initiate a community model, which has been designed and implemented in schools and colleges to foster greater interaction between the police force and students. This initiative’s core aim was to break the strong linkage between alienation and crime by giving the youth a platform to take action against anti-social tendencies. He wants to remove that threatening image of police who are their protectors, who say that they are obliged to save our lives and the people who are against them. His desire has a different perspective of changing the mindset for a new India.

#32 Jigyasa Labroo - Poet

There is always a difference seen in rural and urban kids, kids living in rural areas don't have access to all the tools or sometimes don't even get the right treatment. Jigyasa Labroo saw this difference when she conducted a workshop in the high-income area in her class where students wrote about joy, love, and excitement whereas in the low-income area they wrote about sadness, anger, and difficulties they faced. She thought as art helped her in her childhood it can help others to open up and that's how Slam out loud came into existence, which uses performance and visual arts to enable children from disadvantaged communities to find their voice through creative expressions. Children living in low-income areas' dreams are restricted to the security of employment or at best academic success.

Post-Covid they aimed to help children with their well-being and started one activity every day on WhatsApp for their social and emotional learnings and mindfulness. After this, many NGOs signed up and even the number of students increased. With such a curious and thoughtful persona of Jigyasa, we can erase the variance between kids of various segments of society.

#33 Padma Shri Jitender Singh Shunty - Politician and Social Worker

India is a land where devote their lives to the service of people. One such soul is Jitender Singh Shunty. He was born on 1 August 1962, Shri Shunty had to leave education early, after passing just matric as his father passed away. but this did not deter him from his path to philanthropy. Jitender Singh Shunty is an Indian politician and social worker. Shunty was elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly from Shahdara by Bhartiya Janta Party in 2013. He is the founder of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Seva Dal, an NGO that helps to cremate unclaimed bodies and immerse the ashes as guided by the Hindu and Sikh religions. It all started after an incident in 1996 at a crematorium However, he became a part of the BJP in 2008 and contested for the councilor elections from Jhilmil ward of the East municipal corporation and won the elections. He contested his first Delhi Assembly election in 2013 and won from the Shahdara constituency with 45,364 votes. First Sikh in the world to donate blood 100 times and the title of 'Donor Singh' awarded by Delhi State Blood Transfusion Council. Whenever Social Servent enters into politics one thing is certain people will get served better as they address humanitarian causes as their priority.

#34 Kalki Subramaniam - Transgender Rights Activist, Artist, & Entrepreneur

Can you ever measure the light and label it? Can you measure the energy with a gender that is immeasurable, wonderful,l amazing, unknown source of energy to function and to everything unknown to happen as well? Many years ago in a small town in South India, a teenager was confused, afraid, and alone that person was a gender non-conforming person. That person was beginning to the suicidal because that person thought there was no space for that person in this world. That Human being grows up as 'KALKI SUBRAMANIYAN'. She had to go through tremendous struggles as a teenager. Being born in one gender and living the life of the other was heartbreaking. But books were her solace and companions, they were friendly and non - conforming or transgender people.

"All men have fears but it is the brave who put down the fear and go forward sometimes to death, sometimes broke inside her. Her rage changed into productive energy and not being afraid of people, changed fear into enthusiasm and positive energy. she wants to change the myths, the perception the misconceptions, the transphobia that exists in our society.”

She started a community magazine called Sahodri. Sahodri magazine was a 16-page magazine. She got local NGOs to help to distribute the copies among the community and transgender community. This magazine has made a very positive change. In the magazine, she tells that the things which the media can't talk about. A medical, and psychological problem of the transgender community and give a solution for it. The Sahodri magazine became the foundation and the organization through the whole foundation, they have used innovative concepts, to reach the public and break the myths and transphobia, and create acceptability and equality for transgender people in society. Kalki doesn’t end with magazines. Kalki endeavored in art, and films, and also she is now an entrepreneur. Sympathy is not required for the transgender community. It’s high time that we need empathy to understand their struggles.

#35 Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao - Politician and Ideator of T-hub

KTR is a new-age politician with vibrant ideas to reform a system. Under his leadership, the state of Telangana is thriving with development. With all his governance policy and initiative. T-Hub is quite notable not just for the Indian startup community but this initiative illustrates the potential of the Indian start-up ecosystem. T-Hub, is a platform for youth, with the tagline

"Walk in with an idea, walk out with a product". The T-Hub is a platform for those innovative youths of India who has an idea for entrepreneurship. T-Hub is not exclusive to the state but they welcome everyone to incubate their idea in the world’s largest incubator.

T-Hub provides not only Indian but global ideas and startups the technology, investors, Corporates, and government agencies. He also offered a homepage to the personnel killed in the Pulwama attacked and donated Rs 25 lacs from his personal income as an act of service. He is just someone with whom our youth aspire to be a such politicians.

#36 Kiran Bir Sethi - Designer, Educator and Social Entrepreneur

We have seen our education system as impractical but as a founder of Riverside school, Kiran Bir Sethi tries to make a positive impact on children and connects it as every child initiates by saying "I can". That also makes adults trust their children's ability with saying "You can". The Riverside School is situated in Ahmedabad, followed by approach, and finally, Design for Change which is today the largest movement of change – for and by the children. One of the experiments they performed was to spread out the issue of child laboring by carrying out a campaign In the market but their way was out of the box which has made it so productive with results. They asked the children in school to roll incense sticks for 8 hours and made them feel the real efforts and allowed them to come back stronger with the experience of the campaign. With such initiatives like Kiran's, we must be sure that we are making an impact on our kids in a positive manner.

#37 Kunal Shah - Thinker, Capitalist, and Entrepreneur

Kunal Shah is a person who is an entrepreneur, philosopher, and startup investor. A notable person to contribute to the Indian startup ecosystem. A person who invests a lot of his funds toward a startup to support the startups of India and to make India better. He invested in enormous startups in sectors of healthcare, Ed-tech, fintech, and every start-up idea he likes. He invest with the belief that once someone trusted him with his ideas and now it's his turn to return it back. Kunal Shah is a great entrepreneur who gave birth to companies like free charge and CRED. CRED is a credit card management Fintech company, which has great potential with its elite customer base and business model. He also created the delta four theory for startups to filter their ideas to start their endeavor.

Kunal inspires us to have to focus on learning continuously in our lives which shows his passion for philosophy. We as youth must have a role model like Kunal shah to move forward in this capitalist world.

#38 Padma Shri K.Y. Venkatesh - Indian Para-athlete

You can be anything, 'Disabled' or 'Disability' when we just see, hear, or speak, these words just create a picture of a disabled person who is weak and not able to do much work. But there are some people who are there to prove it Wrong! just like a disabled boy with a different ability. K.Y. Venkatesh is the best example of all. Mr. Venkatesh is a perfect idol for the people who give up just from some bad results or different abilities. He took care of his disability and Venkatesh made his disability his power. He is an all-rounder in Dwarf Olympics where people cannot compete in 2 sports simultaneously, this man has played in more than 5 sports. In 2009 he won 17 medals for India a great contribution to specially-abled people. also, the Venkatesh was awarded by the very precious Padma Shri for all his golden achievements and to set an example for the whole world that we can do anything we want.

#39 Licypriya Kangujam - Environmental Activist

What did we use to care for when we were 6-7-8-9 years old? But this girl at a very young age understood the seriousness of humanitarian issue like climate change and she started advocating for Climate action. Licypriya Kangujam was born on 2 October 2009 in Bashikhong, Manipur, India, the eldest daughter of Kanarjit Kangujam and Bidyarani Devi Kangujam Obi. She began raising her voice to combat climate change and disaster risk reduction when she was seven. Licpriya is one of the youngest climate activists globally and has addressed world leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2019 (COP25) in Madrid, Spain asking them to take immediate climate action. she started advocating against climate change in July 2018. On 21 June 2019 inspired by the climate activist Greta Thunberg, Licypriya started spending a week outside the Indian parliament house to draw the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to pass a climate change law in India. In 2019, she received the "World Children Peace Prize 2019" handed over by Mr. Charles Allen, Director of Partnerships of Global Peace Index – Institute of Economics & Peace.

She has done all this at the age of less than ten. This is unfortunate that kids have to alert adults on such serious issues for the orb and also it's fortunate that this little girl from Manipur did this much than what she and kids like her can do for the nation when they grow up.

#40 Padma Shri Mohammed Shareef - Bicycle Mechanic and Social Worker

We are not wrong when we say that ordinary people can do extraordinary things with their life. Mohammed Shareef is such an example who led an ordinary, hardworking existence, repairing bicycles to earn a living. The turning point for him came 28 years ago when one of his sons, 25-year-old Mohammed Rais, went to the adjoining district of Sultanpur but never returned. For weeks, the family searched for him, but all their efforts went in vain.

Sharif’s eyes filled with tears when he recounted what happened next. “A month later, a police officer came and showed us a shirt. It turned out to be my son’s,” he said. The family believes that Rais was murdered. Then that Police person said that they thought there was no one to claim his body and so they threw it into the Gomti River. That day Mohammed Sharif decided "laavaris laash ko main sadne Nahin Dunga. Chahe fir kisi bhi dharam ki ho. Maine Hindu logon ko Hindu paratha ke hisab se Alvida Kaha aur Muslim ko unke tarike se" Shareef has presided over thousands of funerals, but he keeps records of as many as he can. Mohammed Shareef has performed the last rites of more than 5,000 unclaimed bodies, including the time period of Covid's second wave. He was decorated with the Padma Shri award for this work by the government of India.

This illustrates the indiscriminative and humanistic nature of our society.

#41 Naveen Patnaik - Indian Politician

They say that Politicians can not be in the power for too long. But if it's devotion towards service of the public and governs state for rapid development then this say can be proved wrong. And Naveen Patnaik did the same.

He is an Indian politician serving as the current and the 14th Chief Minister of Odisha. He is the pres

ident of Biju Janata Dal, a writer, and has authored three books. His idea of inspiring people is visible in his writings. As the CM of the poorest state of India, he didn’t lose his hope and never even gave up his work. In 1999, when a huge cyclone affected Odisha tremendously and left it in destruction, later Odisha came up at a very good pace. Things have changed a lot for the state of Odisha with its rapid development.

As holding 4th rank in longest serving CM of India, he had been working for the development of Odisha for more than 2 decades. This spirit of never giving up even after getting underestimated by the whole world inspires the youth and adults of India to keep working with devotion for the welfare of the state.

#42 Neel Ghose - Founder of Robin Hood Army

According to one survey, In India 5 million people go to sleep empty stomach because of poverty. And to nullify this number, Neel Ghose is an Indian social worker who founded Robin Hood Army with Co-Founders Anand Sinha and Aarushi Batra which was officially established on August 26, 2014. This volunteer-based None Profit Organisation (NPO) works for less fortunate people who don’t get food or shelter. They are now active in countries like Bahrain, India, Bangladesh, Botswana, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and Zambia.

His potential to inspire and help humans reflects in his words “Robin Hood Army is not a structured NGO nor is it a large civic movement, it is a simple platform of regular people who want to help and think less and do more” during a TEDxGateway speech. Also, not only by his words expresses this but his work is evidence of their work. According to the data, Robin Hood Army consists of over 2,02,564 volunteers approx. in nearly 401 cities and has served food to over 101 million people so far. The organization doesn’t accept monetary donations but only distributes the food or donations in kind that it receives from its restaurant partners and donors.

Robin Hood Army indeed inspires the lacs of youth by their selflessness quality as a small act of service.

#43 Nithin and Nikhil Kamath - Entrepreneurs

These brothers changed whole stock broking experince of users. They have largely influenced whole industry. Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath are two mind-blowing Entrepreneurs who founded start-up 'Zerodha' in 2010 and now the platform is grown to over 9+ million clients. Nithin Kamath as the Chief Executive Officer of the company executes and envisions the progress of the company. While Nikhil Kamath as Chief Finance Officer in the company ensures financial stability of Zerodha, The vision of the company is to earse barriers that traders and investors face in Indian stock market in terms of cost and also they kinly focused to grow technology and want to give support every investor as well as a trader of the Nation. Their venture capital fund and incubator, called Rainmatter, invests in fintech companies and ventures that promote financial inclusion.Their investment management firm True Beacon is aimed at ultra-high net worth investors and operates on a zero-fee model. also, Zerodha recently got permission from the stock market regulator to start a mutual fund business.

Besides, the humble beginning of the brothers made India's financial inclusion possible. And that's through strong belive in Indian markets and economy.

#44 Pranjal Kamra and Priya Jain - Content Creator

Pranjal Kamara and Priya Jain are the CEO and CCO of Finology.

They both give true awareness about stock and mutual funds they both make blogs on youtube based on the stock market and laws of business. Pranjal Kamara graduated from the national law university Raipur and Priya Jain completed her LLB from Nalsar college Hyderabad. A Finology ticker is a start-up for analysing particular stock deeply and also suggests the stock and market mood index, Pranjal Kamara wrote two books 1 Investonomy and 2 Mint your money in Investornomy book is about stock knowledge how to start investing and in Mint your money is about how to save money how to use money properly. Pranjal Kamara gives a lot of knowledge about the stock market during the corona pandemic time and Priya Jain also explains the law of business throw YouTube. Pranjal Kamara and Priya Jain give proper knowledge about investing money in the right way to every age group of Indian citizens. They are also known as finance content creators.

#45 Padma Shri Prof. Usha Yadav – Professor, Contemporary Hindi Literature Writer.

Prof. Usha Yadav is a Padma Shri audacious writer of the Hindi language. She obtained her Ph.D. in 1973 from Kanpur University and achieved the highest academic qualification D.Litt. in 1996 from Agra University. Her novel “Kaahe Ri Nalini”, based on the global problem of sexual exploitation of minor girls, has been honored with the Akhil Bharatiya Veer Singh Dev Award for 2008 by MP Sahitya Academy, Bhopal. She has enhanced the pride and honor of the Hindi language and literature by taking part in numerous workshops conducted at Siliguri in 1998, organized by Central Hindi Directorate. She is the author of nearly 45 books written in Hindi.

Her literature has an important role in preserving 5000 years old Indian Cultural heritage and perennial human values. This inspires us not to leave our Culture and Tradition behind and this expresses the importance and greatness of our Indian culture.

#46 Radhakishan Damani - Businessman

Whom we will choose as the most humble and reserved person other than Mr. Radha Krishna Damani Ji. When we talk about the Indian stock market, most Indians see the image of Mr. Rakesh Junjunwala, Radhakrishna Damani was the mentor of Rakesh Junjunwala. He is an Indian billionaire investor and apart from Investment in the stock market, Radhakrishna Damani Ji gave endeavoured to one of India's most valuable companies in the sector of Consumer retail known as Dmart. The company came into the market with its Unique Selling Proposition of pricing and beat all the big consumer giants and proved its dominance. Due to the strategy of pricing in consumer retail Dmart, the economy of India and the savings of Indian households turned out better than in the 1990s just because of RadhaKrishna Damani Ji.

Dmart simply brings down the cost of living of Indian households with notable margins.

#47 Raghu Rai - Photography

The classic and master symbol of Indian photography is Raghunath Rai. He was born in 1942 in Jhangpunjab before Independence. He is one of the most Iconic photographers in India. For him photography is not just a profession, it’s a ‘dharma’. Raghu Rai is also known as the ‘Father of the Photography’. He was engaged with it since he was 23, traveling to different places in India and documenting various factors of India. At the beginning of his career as a photojournalist, he was Inspiring the world with his black and white photographs. His captures reflect human emotions and expressions which were no less than real. Today after his 80 years of experience he looks back at his life journey and shares his experience and valuable lessons that he learnt in his life. After graduating, his father sent him to Civil engineering, but later he found it terrible and boring, after doing that job for 2 years, he left the job and returned home. Then, he moved with his elder brother who was a photographer, here is when the spark of interest in photography took place.

He is one of the best photojournalism in India because of his best contribution to documenting events such as the Bangladesh Brutalities, Bhopal Gas Tragedy, and many such events. Raghu Rai used to convey, “Skills are never taught, they are acquired. I can give you a camera but can’t feed your vision.” Truly, his photographs speak the true story beyond opinions and history.

#49 Rajan Anandan - Venture Capitalists and Start-up Investor

India is such a huge country with its demography and it is necessary to ignite a start-up to the culture in the country. And Mr. Rajan Anandan plays a vital role as a Managing Director of Sequoia Capital who made great efforts to introduce the start-up culture and make people believe in the start-up. One of the great lessons which we can learn from Mr. Rajan Anandan is understanding our work and asking ourselves, are we happy with our work or not?

Sequoia Capital is on the mission to help start-ups and Mr. Rajan Anandan joins their mission by being a full-time investor and helping bootstrap start-ups.

#50 Ramjee Singh - Gandhian Author and Philosopher

Gandhi Ji is living with us by his thoughts and one such thought keeper is Ramjee Singh. He was born in 1972, he is a former member of parliament and vice-chancellor of Jain Vishva Bharti university. He is also an eminent Gandhian and involved in the autobiography projects of a number of books. He was also director of the Gandhian institute of studies, Varanasi India. In 2020, he has conferred the 4th highest civilian award in the country, ‘Padma Shri’ for social work. Ramjee Singh's life has been a blend of being a Gandhian academician. He was declared Mahatma Gandhi the Bodhisattva.

In his education career he has earned three doctorate degrees, a Ph.D. in Jainism, a D.Litt. in Hindu thought, and another D.Litt. in political science in Gandhism and was awarded an emeritus fellowship. He is a very prolific writer and has authored and edited about 50 books mostly on Gandhism and Indian philosophy and culture, both in Hindi and English language. He combined academics with social activism. He also participated in the freedom movement of India in 1942 under Gandhi’s leadership and also suffered imprisonment for 21 months when the Indian government suppressed all civil and political rights and imposed an emergency in 1975-77. He was taught philosophy and Gandhian thoughts for 50 years and he is still an emeritus fellow of the university grants commission. May we as youth get the wisdom to continue Ramjee’s legacy to keep Gandhian thoughts alive in our hearts.

#51 Ranveer Allahbadia - Dynamic Content Creator

Desire to be filmmaker or businessman but because of family tend to study engineering, but then bored with engineering then finding gigs in startups and other such clients or company that spark learning. This is not so extraordd=inary story of Indian kid. And Ranveer Allahbadia was that student who experienced whatever drugs and addiction human can imagine. Then he transformed with the mentor like Manish Pandey and that gives the new direction to his channel “BeerBiceps” to use as a tool to market his fitness startup. Over last few years he curated Podcast series. This podcast is one of the most knowledgable and insightful podcast. Ranveer hosted many such National and International personalities.

Ranveer is not just curating podcast series but also creating India’s largest depository of educational content.

#52 Ravi Venkatesan - Business Leader and Philanthropist

Ravi Venkatesan is the Chairman of The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) launched at COP26 with USD10 billion of committed capital to accelerate investment in green energy transitions and renewable energy solutions. He is also UNICEF’s Special Representative for Young People and Innovation and the Founder of the Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME). He serves on the Boards of Rockefeller Foundation, Hitachi Ltd. He was the Chairman of Microsoft India, Bank of Baroda, and Cummins India and served as a co-chairman of Infosys Ltd. He is an Alum of IIT Bombay and Harvard Business School. Ravi is the author of ‘What The Heck Do I Do With My Life: How To Flourish in Our Turbulent Times’ and Conquering the Chaos: Win in India, Win Everywhere. He was voted as one of India’s best management thinkers by Thinkers50 and as Microsoft’s Alumni Hero 2020.

Venkatesan is a member of the Government of India's MSME task force, chartered with developing recommendations for small- and medium-sized enterprises impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. He is also the founder of Social Ventures Partners India, a network of philanthropists. He is also a columnist for publications including The Economic Times and Outlook.

He was also named as one of the advisors to Arkam Ventures' 3.25 billion INR fund to invest in early-stage technology startups in India. He inspires us by giving many lectures and he says, “Don’t get fooled into thinking you have a lifelong career. At any moment, you need to be prepared to be independent and stand on your own two feet. If you prepare yourself for that, I think you are going to have a much better, sort of ride along the way. So think about yourself as self-employed.”

#53 Ricky Kej - Music composer & Grammy Winner

A boy living in Bengaluru, India, since he was 8, discovered his interest in music and fondness for the environment and has become a worldwide known musical composer & environmentalist. He received the UN global humanitarian artist award, which has made India feel pride at the global level. He won more than 100 other honor awards over his successful career. In 2015, he won his first Grammy for his album winds of samsara' and in the present year 2022, he won his second Grammy for his album named 'divine tides'. After receiving his first Grammy he said that he decided to dedicate his life to music and his passion for environmental consciousness and after then there is no looking back, representing Indians' hearts filled with pride by being a country-loving man with achieving an aim of co-existence in our mother earth as a world citizen.

Rickey Kej has a passion for the Environment and Music that make every Indian fall in the love with nature. If we love someone or something we can't hurt it. And we shall be part of his mission of environmental consciousness.

#54 Rishabh Shah - Founder of Indian International Movement to Unite Nations.

When our youth go out of universities they won't be asked about their grades. But they will ask what's happening in the world. With this thought, Rishabh Shah along with his friends endeavored to organize Indian International Model United Nations which was later transformed into Indian International Movement to Unite Nations. IIMUN is now on the back of 26,000 young volunteers (age 16-24) annually impacting 10 million students across 160 cities in 22 countries with the sole aim of promoting the concept of one world via spreading the idea of India. As the world's largest offline platform for young people and advised by an illustrious cohort comprising Mr. Godrej, AR Rahman, and Former Chiefs of Armed Forces, it is the effort of a lot of people. As the self-appointed face of the same, Rishabh likes to take all the credit.

Rishabh is truly an ambassador of youth and his organization is helping thousands and thousands of kids to have confidence in public speaking and life with that those kids can do marvel along with kaleidoscope perspective they have with the initiate of IIMUN.

#55 Rishad Premji - Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

India has a gorgeous culture of Family Business culture' Rishad Premji is one who not only focuses on earning money but also believes that earned money should also be used for the welfare of society. Rishad Premji is the Chairman of Wipro, and Mr. Rishad Premji is the son of Mr. Ajim Premji, a great philanthropist.

When it comes to philanthropy, Mr. Rishad Premji said that 67 percent of the economic dividend of Wipro is owned by the foundation, which means every dollar that Wipro will earn, 67 percent will be used for a good cause.

India is a country with a population that is making their career in tier 1 cities. But Rishad Premji a philanthropist came up with the idea to develop the country overall they are focussing on tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

India is very grateful to have such businessmen in the country.

#56 Robin Singh - Environment and Animal Conservationist

He used to spend a lot of his time on computers and soon that changed into a passion. He started freelancing while he was in college as his extra pocket money. Later at the age of 21 when he started working, he used to send his projects to his old clients and ask for work related to it. That's when he sent a letter to some filmmaker in America by mistake and got a job there. He was living a dream life in America as a common human being but he was not happy and satisfied with his life and decided to repurpose it as he realized how many animals were dying just for making one small pencil. Then he decided to come back to India and build a house away from the city but not with some master bed or swimming pool but rather with cow sheds, animal clinics, and room for volunteers to scale it up and help more animals in near future.

Robin Singh inspires thoughtful and sustainable living for the planet and its bio-diversity.

#57 Ronnie Screwvala - Entrepreneur

Ronnie Screwvala did everything from selling toothbrushes to pioneer of cable television in India and is considered one of the most influential businessmen in India. He has been one of the key Indian investors in early-stage tech and new economy companies. Being the jack of all trades, Screwvala is the founder of UTV Software Communications, chairperson and co-founder of upGrad, movie producer, philanthropist, author, and one of the biggest names in film production and distribution.

Ronnie Screwvala is an astute entrepreneur and has quite a lot of feathers in his cap. He began by starting a company ‘Laser’, which manufactured toothbrushes, which is now the largest in the country and produces around 6 million brushes per month, for most of the leading toothbrush brands in India. After incorporating the UTV Group in 1990 and diversified it into a leading movie studio, a Games Studio, and a creative content company. It went public and got listed on the stock exchange in 2005. In 2008, The Walt Disney Company picked up a 15 percent stake in UTV Global Broadcasting for Rs. 118.98 crores, which made it the largest foreign investment in India. Screwvala took an opportunity to explore the uncharted areas of the education sector and co-founded the largest online education company in India, called upGrad in 2015. Which is now providing quality education from elite institutions from around the globe in the hands of students.

#58 Padma Vibhusan Sadhguru - Author, Spiritual Leader and Mystic

Sadhguru is an Author, an Indian Yoga guru, and a Mystic. He has been teaching yoga in southern India since 1982. In 1992, he established the Isha Foundation near Coimbatore, which operates an ashram and yoga center that carry out educational activities. In 2017, he received the Padma Vibhushan, India's second-highest civilian award, for his contributions to social welfare. The Isha Foundation aims to improve the quality of education in rural India through an initiative called Isha Vidhya. It has also launched projects and campaigns focused on environmental conservation and protection, including Project Green Hands, Rally for Rivers, Cauvery Calling, and Save Soil. Vasudev recently completed a journey on his motorbike from London to India to raise awareness about the Save Soil campaign. He has so beautiful and selfless purpose towards our mother earth. Now, Sadguru, who lives now for a generation in the next 50 years, will be starving for food if not take the appropriate steps. He says that there will be an end of soil and we can't grow enough to fuel our stomachs. He cares for the hunger of people, whom he never met in his life.

His Visionary leadership and thoughtful mind about life and its experience untangle chaotic youth to experience life as it is.

#59 Padma Shree Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay - Computer Scientist

Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay is an Indian computer Scientist specializing in computational biology. She is also a professor at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. and a winner of the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar prize in engineering

Science for 2010.

Her research is mainly in the area of evolutionary, machine learning, computation, bioinformatics, and pattern learning. She was appointed as the Director of the Indian statistical institute in 2015.

She has authored/co-authored several books and more than 400 articles in journals.

She has authored/co-authored more than 300 research articles in international journals. She has also edited special issues in the area of soft computing, data mining, and bioinformatics. Her students are also working in the top institutions in India and overseas. India will lead the world with scholar like her.

#60 Sanjeev Sanyal - Economist and Author

Sanjeev Sanyal is an Indian economist and popular historian. He was a member of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister and Principal Economic Advisor to the Government of India. He graduated from Shri Ram college of commerce and he worked at Deutsche Bank in Singapore. Sanjeev Sanyal took the project on environmental economists. The green Indian States for sustainable development and they have the vision to rewrite the history of the Indian economy. He also authored several books including that ‘Land of the Seven Rivers' and ‘India in the Age of Ideas’ which are quite notable. He also prepared six editions of the economic survey of India.

Sanjeev's passion for History and love for economics will lead India academically, economically, and culturally.

#61 Savitha Rao - Social Entrepreneur and Author

Savitha Rao says "Today if you help someone, they give you blessings, then you feel happy all day long, just imagine helping people every day, so every day you'll feel happy, every day you feel happy then positive energy will take place inside you." That is the aim of India's Positive citizen Initiative. Savitha Rao is the founder of the India Positive Citizen Initiative and she is focused on sustainability and social work. The vision of her Initiative is to inspire every Indian to contribute toward nation empowerment with one positive action, once a week, every week.

In her book “India Positive Citizen,” she has put every part of her soul into writing it and she is spilling lots of positive vibes and we are getting that positive vibes.

Through her non-profit foundation, India Positive Citizen Foundation she leads, she enables to improve, inspire, and intrepid the people of India, or we can just say, She wants to make every citizen of India a positive one. If we as citizens just adopt positivity sparked by the vision of Savitha Rao then for sure we will lead to a positive nation.

#62 Shantanu Gupta - Author and Educator