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  • Aadil Belim

Rethinking digitalization of Education.

Understanding the opportunity adaption of Indian education in crisis from the anecdote of the army.

Every crisis brings the opportunity to innovate. And an optimistic person will always recognize the opportunity but if the process of innovation starts without a proper understanding then we might have to pay the cost of distress.

We are observing a boom in the talk to digitalize the education system. As the whole nation is shut down and obviously, the education system of India is greatly impacted by it. So, everyone is looking forward to the digitalization of the classrooms. There is nothing wrong with that. But mass is misinterpreting this vision as it is blurred in the eyes of leaders.

“ Where commander himself has blur specs then there is a certainty that his troops will move in the wrong direction. ”

Here who is our commander of education? Any Minister or any government Secretary? Any school principal or head of any institution? We are receiving multiple commands on the same subject by all of them in a very distinct way. Thus, as a human, we are just seeing fruits of digitalization of education and building our fantasies.

Fantasies are just better in fiction. Here we need to question our vision for the digitalization of education. What kind of digitalization do we need in our educational system? And what kind of digitalization people are talking about? Honestly, people don’t have much idea about this still, somehow demand for online education is on peek. However, everything can’t go with a market formula or a demand and supply rule.

“ Everything on which life of people depends must not go with the market principle. i.e. security & education.”

In this demand heap of the online class majority of the schools are somehow arranging resources and without knowing the purpose or its impact just delivering what’s demanded by masses.

Outcomes of education are always so complicated to assume but here it is certain that we don’t need this kind of digitalization of education at the elementary level. Perhaps, higher education requires digital space to explore their learnings. That’s why we must emphasize re-thinking digital education in terms of responsibility, resources, re-learning, and re- encouragement.


As the army never handover weapons to under-qualified or irresponsible men. Army tests any soldier after lots of practice and then handover weapons with certain accountability.

Exact way we have to deal with technology. We must equip our students with technology that comes with accountability for the same. Not if anyone argues that this generation is so good with technology and devices. So why not, we should equip them with devices? Like, it’s very common for 3–4 years old to download any application and operate it easily. So, in this case, the same kid may trigger any weapon. Shall we equip that kid with that weapon?

And we should construct a simple process in the curriculum to make students accountable for the technology that they are using. And it must be in balance with offline class and assessment.

Secondly, at the elementary level of education, we need a personal connection between teacher and student, which is never possible virtually.


We live in an economy with limited resources. But if we learn from the Army, which uses resources optimally in extreme situations. We will surely learn the Indian jugaad of generating more resources.

This should not be any single technology. It must be diverse in all forms. Also, it must be organized, safe, and most importantly easily accessible. Moreover, a proper support system should be there.


Learning never stops until you stop growing yourself. In the army, there are many slabs of training in a whole service. It continues at least till retirement. But most teachers in our education system stop educating themselves every moment they get a job. Our teachers are not compatible to move forward with technology. Not just uses of technology but most brilliant teachers can’t just talk in front of cameras without any student expression.

Our teachers need practice and a platform to explore digital space. And we must be sure not all are capable of this job but in fact, they are brilliant teachers.


Why man will get encouraged to join the army when he knows there is the probability of losing his life in the war field is almost certain? This is charismatic crystal clear purpose in the heart and the mind of man by which this level of audacity is generated. Yearly bonus, this incentive, that perks don’t give a real man.

Similarly, we should not encourage businesses to come and do something for the technological transformation of the system. Rather than we must re-encourage every company who is trying to do something with a purpose to develop technology and we must also encourage every individual who is showing his potential with purpose. By this, we will not build a capitalist business in the education system. Instead, men and companies will carry forward their purpose business with profit but sync with our vision.

“Every innovation is largely born out of the war.”

We lay best of us when we face a crisis. And thus, we innovate. This is high time to understand what kind of transmission our education system needed in terms of digitalization and trigger that with action for better tomorrow.


Sep 12, 2022

You have Very Fantastic Idea on this.


Jul 27, 2022

Well thought and written Aadil! :)


Oct 26, 2021

Really Insightful Aadil. Best wishes


Oct 26, 2021

Well researched


Oct 26, 2021

Amazing Content!!!

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