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  • Aadil Belim

“Unfiltered: The CEO and the Coach” - A deep read to understand growth in coaching relationships.

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Struggling with the dynamics of the people around me is a common experience, and my philosophy revolves around cultivating tolerance and empathy in my interactions. Mentorship is a relationship where both mentor and mentee grow together. I've been selective about where I invest my time, choosing to engage with individuals from whom I see potential value. Recently, I stumbled upon 'UNFILTERED The CEO and the Coach,' a book that seemed promising in addressing the challenges I faced with people I associated with regularly.

In my interactions, I often find myself inadvertently labeled as a mentor, a role that, truthfully, makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Working with me can be challenging, as I tend to gravitate towards passionate individuals and have little patience for mediocrity.

A moment of reflection led me to acknowledge a hint of vanity within myself, prompting a conscious effort to cultivate tolerance.

This book 'UNFILTERED' reached my hands with the assumption that it might offer insights into formal coaching processes. I anticipated a sterile exploration of coaching dynamics, but the book surprised me by revealing the genuine relationship between Saurabh Mukherjea and his coach, Dr. Ana Lueneburger.

Dr. Ana

My initial skepticism about coaching processes was shattered as I delved into the vulnerability of Saurabh Mukherjea, a figure renowned in the finance sector. Ana Lueneburger's professional yet deeply personal approach, as outlined in the book, sheds light on the intricacies of their dynamic. Ana's exercises, designed to track progress, were analytically valuable, and her ability to understand Saurabh beyond cultural boundaries was commendable.

The book provided a unique glimpse into their meetings, held at mutually agreed-upon times, emphasizing the willingness to step out of one's comfort zone—a prerequisite for growth. Reflecting on childhood dreams, I gained insights into the dynamics between a client and a coach. 'UNFILTERED' unraveled the complexities of client-coach relationships, shedding light on how much context is shared, the nature of feedback, and the delicate balance required to manage such relationships.


The transformation in Saurabh's perspective on leadership, showcased in the book, was particularly enlightening. It went beyond the conventional definition of leadership centered on results and growth. His outlook expanded to encompass building new leaders and cultivating enduring relationships.

In conclusion, 'UNFILTERED The CEO and the Coach' has become more than just a book about coaching; it's been a personal exploration. It dismantles stereotypes and provides a blueprint for meaningful connections, emphasizing the importance of vulnerability, reflection, and a shared commitment to growth—lessons I intend to incorporate into my journey.


Apr 20

I will read this book


Apr 20

Very inspiring


Apr 19

This is really helpful

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