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Who Will Cry When You Die ?

To understand how much this book is important to me, you have to understand what I thought about this book before reading it... Truly, the title of the book fascinated me, " Who will cry when you die?" is one of the powerful questions we must ask ourselves and I am sure it will change our perception about everything we feel is important and it will come to one single thing which is, " How many hearts we will touch in this life?" whatever wealth we accumulate, whatever so accolades we are honour with, whatever experience you had it doesn't matter if you didn't sparsh the hearts of people.

I thought, " If we have any party or even wedding we extend invitations to people but when we experience death we don't extend formal invitations for a funeral so death can be seen as a measure to see how many hearts counts we had, I will make sure whoever I encounter in this life, I will touch their hearts."

This book had 101 chapters and I made those chapters as my learning kick. I used to read one chapter daily as my first activity after waking up. Those were truly remarkable lessons I was learning. Those 101 days inspired me to recommend to so many people even gifted this book to people whose life growth matters to me. There was something very unique was happening while I was reading this book. and it was while I read the particular chapter I was getting its implementation opportunities every day. It shall not be a coincidence every time. I will see this as a Universe language that wants me to learn those lessons.

I will not say that I am living this book as to date I miss the best I can do but Indeed, I am doing a lot better with my aspirations and my perception of life after reading this book. I will not mention anything about the chapters of this book here but I will accommodate to read this book in a certain way. This book shall be read chapter by chapter every day and do read only 1 chapter at a time. You shall absorb learnings from the chapter and reflect upon learnings for a while after reading that chapter.

Never try to read the index as I used to get so curious about chapters just by reading the title.

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2 commenti

02 apr

I wanna read this book

Mi piace

23 mar

This blog gives insightful thoughts for sure 👍

Mi piace
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